The Benefits for Your Pets

Your pets will not only remain in their familiar environment but continue to follow their usual daily routine. They get to sleep in their own beds and play with their favorite toys. They are also able to keep their customary diet and have any medications administered by their dedicated pet sitter.

Less Stressful
For some pets, the trip to the kennel alone is a stressful experience. Once at the kennel, pets are often stressed by the constant barking of other dogs. Pets also have a difficult time adjusting to the cold concrete environment of many kennel “runs”. Most of our dogs and cats spend quite a few hours of the day napping, but the constant disturbance at a kennel makes this very difficult.

Puppies, kittens, and eldery pets are more susceptible to diseases and parasites. In-home pet care offers comprehensive care without exposure to strange animals. Special needs animals that require injections or medications do much better in their regular home environment with a pet care provider who is competent in delivering medications and monitoring the health of your pet.

One-on-One Attention
When you board your pet at a kennel facility, your pet is one of many animals being handled by the kennel staff. The animals are often fed in an “assembly-line” fashion and rarely is the appetitie of your pet closely monitored. “All Day Play” kennels can often be too much stimulation for dogs and if not monitored closely these “play sessions” can be dangerous. Your dedicated pet care provider from Two River Pet Care will not only play one-on-one with your pet but will closely monitor your pet's mood and appetite while you’re away.