The Benefits for You

No more stressful and inconvenient trips to the kennel on your departure day - you simply head off on your vacation or business trip. You are able to leave for your trip knowing that your professional pet care provider will be arriving shortly to care for your pets.

You can contact us at any time to find out how your pet or home is doing. We can even schedule pre-arranged times to call you or provide you with a nightly e-mail message about your pet’s day.

Guilt Free
No more imposing on busy friends and family members by asking them to check in on your pets. Your sitter from Two River Pet Care is a professional pet care provider who will follow your exact instructions regarding your pets. Neighbors and friends may not be experienced in caring for pets and may only be able to check in at their convenience.

Along with caring for your pets, your pet care provider will collect your mail or packages, water your indoor and patio plants, and take trash to the curb. As a crime deterrent measure, we will also give your home a “lived-in look” by adjusting lights and rotating window blinds.

Pet sitting services are often cheaper for families with multiple pets, and the fees from Two River Pet Care apply for up to three pets from the same family. Also, with fringe benefits such as mail collection, plant watering, and security checks, you're receiving much more for your money.